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Service Fees

Here you will find various service fees for the plans and programs we offer. These are base fees and may differ depending on your needs or differ because of needed plans or programs in combination. If you have questions about our service fees please contact us at info@ourpawstoyours.com or call 336-301-5541.

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weekly dog walks exercise potty break walking general fees

General Fees

Prices (Visits = 30-45 min) Longer visits add $5.00 per 15 min.
$15.00 per visit in area
$18.00 per visit outside of area
$25.00 per overnight visit in area
$35.00 per overnight visit outside of area

play time dogs cats clean water holiday list

Holiday List & Aditional Fee

Add an additional $5.00 to visits for the following holidays….
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day

overnight visits safe happy pet clean water daily feeding

We help you while caring for your pet

Visits include, but are not limited to…
Providing pet care, daily feeding, fresh water, and administering medications
Checking the mail, picking up newspapers, and packages
Checking house inside and out for any possible problems
Taking out trash
Watering plants
Turning lights off and on
Opening and closing blinds
Cleaning all food and water bowls daily
Cleaning litter boxes and changing as needed
Sweep and vacuum floors
Clean up pet messes to best of ability
Walk and playtime with pets
Feed fish, gerbils, or hamsters (no snakes)

pet sitting older animals love and attention meds service home

Service People Visits at your home

Need service on the air condition, appliances or home maintenance?
We can be there as the helping hand when you can’t.
$35.00 for first ½ hour and $15.00 for each additional ½ hour

services help pets home taxi visit groomers

Pet Taxi service

Pet has a Vet visit or needs to go to the groomers?
Wherever they need to go we can provide the taxi service.
$35.00 a trip. Includes pick up, drop off, and wait time.

weekly dog walks exercise potty break walking general fees

Elderly check in service

Have an elderly person living with you or in their own home?
We provide a check in service to ensure they are ok
and to help with any small need they may have.
$15.00 a trip. Includes knocking on door, speaking with elderly person, and ensuring they are ok.

Prices may increase for more than 6 animals in one household.
Prices may increase for specialty care of pet. (Diabetic, sick, etc.)
Contact for more information at info@ourpawstoyours.com or call 336-301-5541

Book an appointment & get a free dog walk

To schedule an appointment please feel free to use our popup form or the form on the GET IN TOUCH page. If for a one day visit the start date and end date will be the same. For multiple days visits enter the date of the first day and the date of the last day. We will call to confirm all dates and times once we have your completed form and also setup a pre-meet with you and your pet(s).

The pre-meet is a safety precaution so the pet(s) knows me when I approach their home. I like to meet them and their owners to let them get use to me. This allows your pet(s) to feel comfortable with me and me with them. The whole concept of taking care of your pet family members is to keep their stress level lower and make them as comfortable with you away, as possible.

Once you have made an appointment please view our FORMS page to download and/or print the forms you may need.

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If you have questions about our service area or don’t see your area please give us a call at (336) 301-5541 or send an email to service@ourpawstoyours.com. It may be we service your area or may consider servicing your area.

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